Coaching for Personal and/or Professional Development

Coaching is a co-created partnership most valuable when the client is willing to take responsibility for their own growth and development. Coaching offers opportunities for clarifying values and visions, discovering strengths, identifying blind spots that inhibit growth, and living a purposeful life. Making a commitment to responsibility in relationship means valuing other as highly as self. This often leads to a coaching focus on heightening self-awareness and how others are impacted by our behaviors and responses. This attention to interpersonal skills has profound implications for both personal and professional development.



Very much like coaching, mentoring has a strong element of learning. Something unique about mentoring is that the mentor is learning too, very committed to a deep self-reflective process to support the relationship. There often is a theme, a focus, something specific the client wants to learn about, that the mentor offers.

We offer mentoring related to ecopsychological ways of being. These practices heal and strengthen the separation between humans and nature which research now confirms is the source for personal, cultural and planetary stresses, conflicts, and destruction.

Transforming ourselves and our world’s broken systems happens most profoundly in partnership with the natural world. When we explore our ecological identities through self-generated ceremonies and rituals, we capture the power and insights of nature for positive change.

About Ecopsychology

Ecopsychology is a relatively new and developing field of study and practice. As a field of study, ecopsychology evolved in response to the environmental movement originating in the 1960’s. As a practice, therapists, coaches, educators, and health and business professionals are integrating the emerging principles of ecopsychology into their work, with the intention of supporting healing between humans and the planet.

The basic tenets of ecopsychology state that all life has intrinsic value and is physically, energetically and spiritually part of a web of interrelatedness and interdependency. The health of humans cannot be separated from the health of the planet.

There are ecopsychological practices and ways of being that invite and support a reconnection to take place. Because of the complexities of modern culture, it sometimes takes a concerted effort to re-activate our relationships with nature in this ancient way. Wilderness walks, ceremonies, education and rites of initiation and passage are portals to this healing between humans and the planet.